Archdiocese of Rabaul

(Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea)

Blessed Peter To Rot 

Below are some of the many articles/prayers written about Papua New Guinea's Patron saint. Please click the topic to view the details.

        1. Cardinal Joseph Zen solemnizes Peter To Rot Anniversary

        2. Blessed Peter To Rot Defender of Matrimony

        3. Peter To Rot a Champion of Family Life

        4. My Life with Blessed Peter To Rot by Augustine Malana

        5. Bishop Conference of Japan On the Occasion of 100th Year of Blessed Peter To Rot

        6. Japanese Church apologizes to Papua New Guinea

        7. Homily on the Feast day of Blessed Peter To Rot (English)

        8. Homily on the Feast day of Blessed Peter To Rot (Pidgin)

        9. Prayer for Blessed Peter To Rot Jubilee celebration

       10 Lei Man Pita To Rot

The Voice of Peter To Rot radio station, click it here...